​See The Sea At Targovishte

​See The Sea At Targovishte

The wild spirit of the sea, captured by the famous Varna painter Ognyan Georgiev will come to Targovishte in November. At the begining of the month, Ogi will have an exhibition of his best work at the "White Horse and Rai" complex.

The best hotel and event center in Targovishte will host the best of Ognyan's extreme soul - his paintings have captured the variety of the sea, from the playfull waves in sunny days, to the monstrous storms that show us the hidden force of the water.

Ognyan is bold not only in his work as an artist, but in his life as well - he loves extreme sports, he goes kayaking, mountain climbing or motorcycling. He often runs away from the daily routine and dives into the century old forests of Bulgaria. There he finds peace and balance.

While not working as a painter, Ognyan has a rather intriguing profession that some find as his creative antipode - a "professional destroyer". How does that happen, you can meet him live at the opening ceremony of his exhibition.

We challange you to come and meet Ognyan! You will be surprised!